I’ve put together several packages that I feel will cover 99% of clients. This is a list of my most popular services, but it is by no means comprehensive! If there’s something you’re interested in, but you don’t see it listed here, feel free to get in touch.

Inclusive Web Design & Development Packages

I use only current web standards in all my designs.
Included Included Included
Custom design & development
Your website is from scratch - no templates, nothing made by someone else.
Included Included Included
Domain set-up
I can get your domain registered and working in the blink of an eye.
Included Included Included
Mobile device friendly
Your site will look amazing on any size screen.
Included Included Included
Google Analytics
Track your website's performance with Google Analytics integration.
Included Included Included
Social media integration
I'll make sure you can leverage your site on social media.
Included Included Included
30 day support
Don't worry, you can rely on me!
Included Included Included
Search engine optimization (SEO)
You'll rise to the top of the search engine results with SEO best practices.
Not Included Included Included
Content management system (CMS)
Updating your site is a breeze with Wordpress.
Not Included Included Included
I'll get your online store up and running in no time.
Not Included Not Included Included
SSL certificate
Security is a must for online stores.
Not Included Not Included Included
Google Adwords
Get traffic flowing to your site with Google ads.
Not Included Not Included Included

Single Services

I need a new design for a website, or I need a new design coded.
I want you to install a CMS for me so I can easily manage things myself.
I'm moving my site and I need help transferring my files.
The content on my site really needs to be updated.
I'm having a hard time figuring out what SEO is and how to get it to work.
Does my current site look okay? Can you review it from a professional point of view?


No problem! Feel free to email me or use my contact form.
All packages include at a minimum the deliverables, at least 2 revisions, 30-day support, and any necessary documentation. Single services vary.
Yes! I encourage anyone to build a package that supports their specific needs. If you are thinking about a custom packaage, please contact me.
A revision is classified as any update, change, or fix that takes longer than 15 minutes to complete.
Most projects will take 4-6 weeks to complete. Highly customized projects may take much more or much less time. Single services vary.
Any and all deliverables that relate to the project. This includes any files, images, audio, video that are necessary to the project's success. These can be anything from HTML to PHP to JS to SVG to PNG to WAV to MP3. In addition to this, I include an invoice and documentation. For some projects this will also include installation and maintenance of the site. Single services vary but you will always get some documentation.
Complete 30-day support is built into all my packages. This includes any and all help you might need in regards to the deliverables. You can also add-on support to any single service if necessary.